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  • Wines

    Our wine

    The type of Chianti Classico DOCG we produce is unique in its gender and it is the result of a specific kind of soil combined with the total exposure of the vineyard to the sun and the peculiarity of the present grapes, Sangiovese and Merlot. Each bottle contains all the aromas of our beautiful territory, from the wild berries to spicier notes. Ours is a genuine, handcrafted wine.

  • Sweet Wine

    Our Sweet Wine

    Vinsanto is a lovely kind of dessert wine based on air-dried Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes. After the pressing, this wine has to slowly ferment for about three years in some small and hermetically sealed wooden barrels. During this period, the wine produces its own aromas, and each bottle becomes a mix of toasted almonds, dried fruit and honey aromas. Together with prosecco, vinsanto is another basic ingredient for the “Aperisanto”: a fresh and fizzy kind of aperitif.

  • Olive oil

    Our Olive Oil

    The peculiar and intense green color of our extra-virgin olive oil is due to the stony ground and the very meager yields. This oil is strictly cold pressed and that’s why it has its typical spicy and robust taste which can be maintained over time by freezing the product.

  • Adoptions

    What am I entitled to by participating in the Adoptions program?

    Chianti Classico DOCG wine bottles or Extra Virgin Olive Oil cans. The number of bottles or cans changes according to the version purchased.

    A numbered certificate of adoption with your name as the "Buyer” and the one of the "Beneficiary”, which is the person who will receive it as a gift.

    Visit to the farmhouse with special tasting of wine, extra virgin olive oil and other local specialties (Adopt a row of grapevines, Adopt an olive grove).

    10% discount for a lunch at our direct sales shop open from april to october.

    You may choose to customize the label of the bottles of the grapevine as well as of the cans of the olive grove You adopted.

    Free shipping for deliveries in Italy (Adopt a row of grapevines, Adopt an olive grove)

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