The significance of giving a Tuscan extravergin olive oil (EVO)

"Noah waited another seven days and again he brought the dove out of the ark and the dove returned to him at dusk; behold, it had an olive branch in its beak. Noah understood that the waters had receded from the earth. " (Genesis, Old Testament)

Among the most precious foods the earth has offered us, is surely the oil from olives. The oil EVO is always present in our daily routines: at the table and on our skin, etc. It is one of the most important elements of the Mediterranean Diet

Since ancient times, olive oil has been a food which was both precious and difficult to produce. To create a product which is both genuine and good to the taste, you need sacrifice, work and fatigue. Producing the oil was not always as easy as it is today.

The oil of olives has always been a symbol of prosperity and peace, as well as of wealth -and not only economic. It has also been a symbol of purity, of coming together, and of strong and durable bonds, like its chemical characteristics.

Giving an extra virgin olive oil means, first, giving great wealth and wishing joy, prosperity and peace, that interior peace which many are seeking and which has no price. Not by chance, in the last few years, this type of gift is becoming more and more widespread, for any occasion. In addition, the gift acquires a stronger significance if it arrives with a personalized label expressing the feelings of the giver.

Olive oil is the fruit of a long lasting plant, which symbolizes peace and harmony, and giving it means wishes for the same harmony. Its use exalts and melts the flavors. Giving a bottle of oil means exalting that relationship.

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