Customized business Christmas gifts

Customize your labels. The customization service is free of charge!

  • Made in Italy
  • A Chianti Classico DOCG
  • An original gift idea

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Even at Christmas your business can stand out from the competition,amaze your customers with a gift that will turn heads. The Agricola Matteoli produces, on request, bottles of wine with a personalized label. A gesture that enhances your work and faithful relationship which unites you to your employees and customers.

The intense flavour of the Chianti region together with a custom graphics, enriches a bottle of wine to bewrap or to be included in one of the spruce wood packages that we put at your disposal. You can choose from a bottle of Bordeaux or magnum, by selecting the year you prefer, then enter the label customization page where you personally can place your company logo or an image able to represent the spirit of your company.

At Christmas, you know, we are all better. It’s truly the goodness, along with the genuineness that characterizes our wine, which is created within our family business. We select the finest grapes to mix them carefully following the guidelines of the Consortium. We produce every year a limited number of bottles, because what matters to us is not the quantity but the quality. We come rewarded by the result: a wine of a bright red, with floral notes features that will delight the palate of those who savor. A wine that you can’t forget, thanks to the package in an exclusive version that you can make to your liking. You realize the label and we take care of affixing it on the bottle for free, sending the package to the address you indicated.

TA genuine gift, always appreciated and very original that you can replicate every year, in fact, the label will remain in memory for subsequent requests. With this gesture you sent a positive image of your company, but that’s not all. It will have helped to support the culinary tradition of a picturesque region. The passion that every day we put in our work in our cellars, allows us to provide excellent products and quality, which can affect the heart and palate of those who chose us.

For this we want your gift to be something unique and valuable, because for us it is important to take care of our customers and show them our respect.