Gift Ideas for Valentine'’'s Day

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Valentine's Day is that magical day of year when the sentiment that connects two people occurs. An anniversary with ancient origins when lovers exchange gifts and demonstrations of love. The gift ideas for Valentine's Day often appear obvious and common. At Agricola Matteoli we make it easy to give an intense emotion like wine wrapped in a memorable and unique packaging: the wine with customized label. A thought able to remain in the memories of those who receive it over time, thanks to its elegant and original look that sets it apart from the usual Valentine’s Day gifts.

Stop with heart-shaped stuffed animals and boxes of chocolates; a candlelight dinner with a good wine to taste.. that's what it takes.

The wonder of an unexpected gesture joins the chance to taste a unique flavor which passes down all the genuineness of its earth of origin. The passion we put into our work stands out and distinguish the flavor of our Chianti Classico DOCG, which faithfully respects all the guidelines of the Consortium.

The wine is bottled in an exclusive box with the possibility to customize the label to your liking, with phrases, dedications and images personally chosen between the photos of your happiest moments or downloaded from the web. You can choose from a “Bordolese” or a Magnum bottle as well as even a more prestigious one. You may order several bottles of wine as well as a combination of excellent products like the Vinsanto and the extra virgin olive oil inside the elegant pine wood box. And adding the detail of a customized label you turn it into a bespoke gift for a perfect Valentine’s day. We will print and attach your label and then send the customized Valentine’s gift directly to your door.

The wine we produce is born on the hills of Gaiole in Chianti, where our family business takes care of the vineyards and works in the cellars to provide a high quality wine that continues the most authentic Tuscan winemaking tradition. A wine that harmoniously blends the grapes from which comes the Chianti Classico: Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet with a minor part of other autochthonous grapes. Aged in oak barrels for several months - depending on the desired ageing - it looks bright red with a floral scent that makes it pleasing to the palate of wine connoisseurs as well as of lovers of the most genuine flavors.

Make the memory of your love last by choosing one of our exclusive programs "adopt a grapevine" or "adopt a row of grapevine." We will delivery several customized bottles of wine, coming from the portion of the adopted vineyard, directly at the address of the beneficiary. He will also receive a certificate of adoption which allows him to verify all the wine production stages and to receive ongoing reports as well as to visit the cellar during the harvest and racking phases.

By choosing the option "adopts a grapevine" you can also take advantage of the discount for a lunch at "La Grotta della Rana" restaurant, just next to our winery. A gift that allows you to live a unique experience in a romantic territory surrounded by a breathtaking natural landscape.

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