Gift Ideas for Father's Day

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The Father's Day comes just before springtime to remind us how great is the love that connects you with your father. To worthily celebrate one of the most important people in your life, Agricola Matteoli produces wine bottles with customized labels, probably one of the best gift to celebrate the Father’s Day.

You can choose between a “Bordolese” bottle and a Magnum. Select the vintage you prefer and then customize the label to your liking. The process is very simple and intuitive: connect to our website and upload a photo or an image and then add a sentence if you dare. We will print and attach the label to the bottle you chose, delivering it directly to your address or your father’s one. The customization service is completely free of charge.

All men love wine and taste it with their own family. Your dad will receive a bottle with a label especially designed for himself. A bottle to uncork and tease with joy and cheerfulness. The taste of wine is the unmistakable Chianti Classico one, a true jewel of the Italian wine tradition and winner of several awards. We have been producing it in our farm for ages, following the ripening of the grapes and the harvest with great passion. We take care of the aging with care, to improve the flavor and make it even softer and more persistent to the palate.

A limited amount of bottles guarantees the extreme attention we put in every stage of the process, including bottling. We give then the opportunity to customize the label to celebrate different kind of occasions, like the father’s day one. You can also purchase a special pack like the exclusive fir-wood box, which may include other genuine products that we produce, like the Vinsanto sweet wine and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Ours is a family-run company and we want to offer the opportunity to make a unique gift to those who want to celebrate the Father’s Day. We also want to highlight the special and exclusive gifts "adopt a row of grapevine" and "adopt a grapevine". Your father will receive an amount of bottles of our best wine, each one with the customized label, along with an adoption document bearing his name. The gift entitles your family to enjoy a visit to our farm during the most important production stages like harvesting and racking. And in case You couldn’t come and visit us by person, we’ll send ongoing updates to your father.

The passion for good wines, the love for your family, an eye-catching and customized label are the winning elements of a father’s day gift which won’t go unnoticed.