A recurring event during the year: the birthday of someone. Whether it’s an acquaintance, a friend or a relative, finding the right wine, and making sure it’s not useless as often happens, is important because your gesture should be appreciated and it allows you to make a good impression.
Giving wine is always a good idea for many reasons. You only need to be certain that the person in question does not abstain from drinking and appreciates beverages that are just a little alcoholic.

Wine, an original gift
Wine is an original gift. You have little to worry about. Wine always makes a good impression, whether uncorked at the moment of giving and pleasantly shared with the giver or uncorked later. In this case a bottle of wine with a personalized label will allow the receiver to remember the giver and to share with you those joyous moments, even if they’re not there with you. The gift is not just a bottle of wine, but the pleasure of the senses and the taste of the wine which are associated with good memories.

A gift for wine aficionados
A Chianti Classico DOCG wine is good for any designated gift:

  • People who drink wine often and with pleasure, but who don’t demonstrate a particular passion or interest for the more technical aspects. They appreciate a good bottle of good wine, but not more.
  • People who not only appreciate wine but also have some understanding. Chianti Classico is notable, has a long history and is not an anonymous wine. The person who receives it probably recognizes it and even knows some of its background: how it’s produced and aged, as well as a few curiosities.
  • A connoisseur, that consumer who is very informed about the world of enology and who knows many labels having also technical knowledge of the products: this person doesn’t only know a few curiosities but knows how to juggle between the disparate technical details. Even in this case, Chianti Classico is more than appropriate, maybe choosing a “Reserva” or “Gran Selezione”, or giving an Adoption to accompany the connoisseur in the wonderful world of wine.

Which wine to give for a Birthday? One or more bottles of Chianti Classico DOCG wine or an Adoption are the ideal gifts.

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